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M.L. Carpet & Remodeling Services

We are a locally owned company, providing carpet cleaning, resurfacing and other services, to residents and apartment complexes throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.


We have been providing our customers with outstanding services, which we improve every year, as new technologies emerge.



Our thirst for knowledge on the best techniques, products and equipment and our focus on customer satisfaction, are the main components of our success, and the main contributing factors to preserve our customer’s loyalty.



We are truly committed to offering high-quality, affordable professional carpet cleaning services to our clients. Our well-trained and experienced personnel use proven methods, cutting-edge equipment, and powerful truck mount extractors and techniques to achieve outstanding results.



M.L. Carpet & Remodeling Services is certified by Compliance Depot, a company who handles our compliance credentials, such as insurance certificates, licenses, and other regulations essential to the carpet cleaning industry.



Do not hesitate to contact M.L. Carpet & Remodeling Services. We will be happy to assist you in your carpet cleaning needs and more.

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