Why Replace It If You Can Resurface It?

Resurfacing sometimes is called refinishing, which is the process of applying a beautiful, high performance coating system to bathtubs, tile, countertops, showers, cabinets, or any surface requiring an exceptionally durable and beautiful finish.


Our resurfacing services include countertop and bathtub, as well as bathroom acrylic wall surrounds and tub liners. We offer our clients a quality, low cost, alternative to the replacement of bathtubs, showers, countertops and ceramic tile.


Replacing a bathtub, for instance, can turn into an unexpected remodeling nightmare. However, if you choose to resurface you can save as much as 80% of the total cost of replacing bathtubs and countertops.

Replacing a fiberglass bathtub- surround unit can be an even greater challenge. Often a wall must be torn out to enable installation of the new tub and then rebuilt after installation!


There’s no doubt that remodeling is an expensive task that takes weeks to complete. Resurfacing is the most low-cost and well turned-out solution. It’s beautiful, affordable, and can be completed, in most cases, the same day.


We use the most current coating technology in the refinishing industry, and our commitment to quality means that we are always evaluating our techniques to provide the best, most durable finishes possible.

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