Pet Treatment

shampoo+carpet+cleaning+saratoga (2)Pets are also members of your family and we understand how important they are to you. However, they can leave a mess on your carpets, including pet odors and urine that can be trapped in the carpeting or upholstery fibers. This is a very serious problem to your health due to the bacteria that may grow if left unattended.


M.L. Carpet & Remodeling Services offers its clients pet stains and odor removal treatments at affordable prices. Removing pet odors from your carpet can be challenging. As soon as you notice odors or spills or when a pet accident occurs, to guarantee the success of complete odor removal, as well as stain removal, it is essential that you call an expert to immediately take care of the situation.


If you don’t, it will quickly become a common place for your pet to use as a bathroom and after time it will be hard to get it out because it will soak through the padding of your floors.


It is always recommended to treat your carpet every 6 months or, at least, once a year.
Our hot water extraction is the preferred odor and stain removal and carpet cleaning method. In our carpet cleaning process, our cleaning technicians use a specialized cleaning solution with a high pH level to neutralize odors and release stubborn stains, including urine, from your carpet. After steam cleaning or dry-steam cleaning and spot treatment, we thoroughly rinse the spot for a fresh clean that you will smell and love.

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